I haven’t done one of these in a while, though I’ve meant to. Hopefully it is a habit I can get into doing more often. And, a name for this somewhat occasional weekly series would be good as well.


Since President Obama is so opposed to guns, and the recent tragedies have further awakened his disdain for them, along with our schools being outright nutty, I thought I would share a couple of gun related articles that were recently in the news.

Do you remember when you were a seven-year old boy, and you, if you were like me, chewed your Pop-Tarts into the shape of a gun? This little boy will never forget the time he did, because he got suspended from school for this violent act.

Or, maybe you were never a seven-year old boy, but were instead a five-year old girl at some point. This young terrorist was suspended from school and sent for psychological evaluation after she started a bubble fight, threatening to shoot her peer with a Hello Kitty bubble gun. 


If it isn’t about guns, you know it has to be about sex or rock and roll, or homosexuality anyway.

Tony Jones, of the “emergent church,” says Christians should celebrate pre-marital sex because not doing so makes people feel guilty. And, we wouldn’t want people to be convicted about their sins, now would we? (2nd Corinthians 7:10)

While this video by Dr. Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary isn’t in response to Mr. Jones, it does present what I believe is a good response to how Christians should respond to the homosexuality issue, and it is also hilarious, while being eye-opening.

A couple other things one might take from that video, don’t try to back Dr. Mohler into a corner, as he thinks better on his feet than any man, and our response must be firm and loving.

Meanwhile, another Baptist pastor, who resides in Dr. Mohler’s Louisville, got himself arrested for trespassing when he and his gay partner had a “pray in” at the courthouse when they were refused a marriage license. Reverend Stephen V. Sprinkle, Phd., who needs his title of Reverend stripped from him, wrote “Gay and Baptist: How an oxymoron could save the Church.” You know, because accepting what God hates is going to save the Church, and it is by compromise that we grow the Church, not by obedience to God, the preaching of the word, administration of the sacraments and discipline, or the Holy Spirit giving the growth.

Kids leaving the Church?:

Probably not, but we’ll play along anyway.

Compromisers, liberals, and emergents may be some of the reasons people leave the Church, but Marc at Marc5Solas has come up with a list of ten other significant reason why so many youth are leaving. I’ll give my opinion, and then the link. Kids are leaving the Church because they were never of the invisible Church to begin with, they haven’t heard the Gospel, so they have no reason to stay. Baptize them into the covenant, and raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Marc’s reasons for why the kids leave the Church.

A couple more serious posts, and then a little satire.

On Pope’s and Confessions

Dr. R. Scott Clark, who convinced me of covenant theology and paedobaptism, wrote a short article regarding Confessional Protestants and the Papacy. Whether you agree with him or not, don’t argue with him on Twitter, or you’ll end up turning into a Presbyterian. :)

Carl R. Trueman had an amazing article on the need for confessions that ran on OPC.org recently. It is a good read, and if more churches would fall in line, we would be much better off. If you are feeling inspired, maybe the Westminster Confession of Faith would make for an edifying read this weekend.

And I end this with a video from Lutheran Satire: