I want to prefix this by saying that until Christmas Day last year I was a Methodist, and am probably still counted on the membership roles of a local United Methodist Church. So, hopefully I am not seen as too much of an outsider when I speak on these issues. For more of why I left see my older posts. [Genesis of a Closet Calvinst, My Exodus, But Your Lives are Never Changed]

The United Methodist Church General Conference is going on as I write this. The hot topics this year are the inclusion of homosexuals in membership and in pastoral roles, taking official stances on immigration, who to support in the issues over Palestine and Israel, and health care reform.

Also, in following the #gc2012 stream on Twitter I’ve also seen that a huge concern for the UMC in this conference is the fact that their membership numbers are on the decline, and they don’t believe they are seen as relevant by young people.

I submit to you that the declining numbers in the UMC are due to taking these political stands and attempts at including homosexuals in pastoral roles.

The Church isn’t a man made organization, it isn’t even an organization run by man. Instead, it is a God made organism, and its constitution is found in the Bible. The Church must seek to honor God and obey His Word. The Bible clearly and unapologetically¬†states that homosexuality is sinful and unnatural. And, the Bible doesn’t give a stance on what a secular nation’s immigration laws should look like, who is more or less in the wrong in modern day Israel and its settlements, or what a nation’s role in healthcare should be.

What it does say, however, is that the Church is to be about making disciples of all nations by calling men everywhere to repent and be baptized for the remission of sins in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

And, this is what is lost when the Church sets its focus on something outside of its mission statement. Businesses are destroyed due to mission creep, the same applies to the Church of Jesus Christ. We have one commission, we are to be busy with that until the Lord returns.

And then there is the issue of homosexual agenda being considered by the Methodist church. The bible clearly opposes it. When you oppose God’s word why would you expect your church to grow or be relevant? The church is counter cultural, why would anyone have any interest in it if it goes with the cultural on controversial issues?

United Methodist Church, if you want to be relevant, if you want to be biblical, if you want to not disappear into obscurity then return to God and to what He has given us in His word, and maybe by God’s grace He will bring people in. Otherwise, disappear into the night.