cool podcasts iconOn what seems like a daily basis, I don’t get asked what podcasts I listen to. With that in mind, I thought I would share, so if someone were to ask me, I could point them to this post.

I listen to this first group daily, or as often as they put out podcasts anyway.

Wretched Radio – A radio show that broadcasts for two hours a day, Monday through Friday, that focuses on discernment, the Gospel, how to share the Gospel, reasons for sharing the Gospel, why we should share the Gospel, … I think you get the point. They also touch on some political issues, and largely on stupidity being done in the name of relevancy.

Fighting for the Faith – Chris Rosebrough broadcasts for a couple hours, or more, Monday through Friday. His focus is on the Gospel, teaching, and discernment. He has an almost daily sermon review hour (or more) where he dissects sermons to show what makes them tick, and often times, how they went off the deep end. Once a week you’ll get a guest lecture from an expert theologian or historian. Give him a few weeks, and you’ll learn a ton.

The Briefing – Dr. Albert Mohler, President of Southern Seminary, spends 15 minutes a day sharing news stories that are likely to be of importance to Christians, and gives his thoughts on our response to them and how they will effect us. Dr. Mohler has another podcast, Thinking In Public, where he discusses books with their authors, it is worth the listen.

White Horse Inn – What could be better than four seminary professors and pastors getting together to discuss theological issues of our day and cooperatively exegete Scripture? My only issue with these guys is that they only put out one episode per week.

The next group are sermon feeds from pastors I enjoy listening to, and often get a lot out of. A common theme among them all is that they teach while they preach.

Voddie Baucham – I started listening to his sermons years ago. He has a lot to say, and he says it well. He definitely has a focus on family issues, and more importantly, he doesn’t let presuppositions effect his exegesis of the text.

Matt Chandler – He has a way of yelling “you’re stupid” at you that just really comes across loving. He definitely isn’t shy about calling people to repentance and faith for the forgiveness of their sins. I think all Christian men would do well to be influenced by this man. (Women too, of course, but men in particular.)

Steve Lawson – The Firebrand, or at least, I assume that is his nickname. Obsessed with Spurgeon, in a good way, and preaches just like him. He faithfully exegetes Scripture, and has a passion for the Gospel. He also gave this speech at the Shepherd’s Conference a few years ago.

Ron Hodel and Jeremy Rhode – These Lutheran pastors from Faith Lutheran Church preach short and to the point sermons that are theologically deep and faithfully proclaim the Law and Gospel. They also tend to post lectures from nearby Concordia Seminary. (Their Vimeo may post those more often than the podcast.)

John MacArthur – It’s John MacArthur, the Protestant Pope! How could you go wrong? This man has preached through the entire New Testament in his career. He has written more commentaries than most of us have ever read. He knows his stuff.

This group I listen to as I have time. Not that they aren’t as good, but I only have so many hours in a week and sometimes get behind.

No Compromise Radio – Mike Abendroth does an excellent job of teaching theology and tackling issues he sees in the Church and in the news. “Always biblical, always provocative, always in that order.”

Tullian Tchividjian – He preaches in hymns, it seems. Tullian’s focus recently has been fighting against legalism, showing the fullness of the Gospel. We all need the Gospel, and the Gospel is everything. (I’m also currently reading his book, “Jesus + Nothing = Everything.”)

The Dividing Line – Dr. James White, author, apologist, theologian, debater. He spends a lot of time dissecting arguments from debates, and arguing for the faith. You’ll learn a lot.

Renewing Your Mind – Dr. R.C. Sproul teaches theology and church history on this podcast. On occasion you’ll get one of his sermons as well. I just recently heard of a few of his Holy week sermons. I learned a lot, and I love Jesus more for it. I hope your experience is similar.

John Piper – Johnathon Edwards revisited? A firey preacher, he boldly proclaims the Gospel, and that our greatest desires are fulfilled in Jesus. He is very lively, very interesting, and very thoughtful.

Southern Seminary Chapel Lectures – Lectures from the chapel service of one of the top seminaries around. I don’t think there is much more to be said. Seminarians are hearing these hand picked preachers, it has to be worthwhile for us as well.

David Platt – He faithfully and boldly proclaims the Gospel, isn’t afraid to oppose the American dream, and has a focus on evangelism to the needy.

This isn’t all that I listen to, but the ones I listen to most anyway.