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President Obama was re-elected on Tuesday. Tuesday night and on through the week Christians were decrying the Antichrist, or a few were anyway. It seems many of those who I see on Twitter anyway were rather bothered by this turn of events. This might relate to the fact that so many watch and trust Fox News to accurately report things such as polling data. But, that is another matter.

What will four more years of President Barack Obama mean? I’m no William Tapley, Pat Robertson, or even a lessor prophet, but I do see some possibilities.

Some of the voices in the Republican party are saying they have to distance themselves from the radical Christians who oppose all abortion and opposed to any form of homosexual marriage or civil union. Had the Republican party given up those stances it probably would have won Romney the election.

My hope is that seeing this Christians will realize that the Republican party is no more the party of God than the Democrat party. Instead, the Republican party is a political organization wrestling for control and is willing to go along with some Christian values if Christians are a big enough target demographic. While the Democrat party is openly anti-God, they had to vote three times whether to bring God back into their campaign, the Republican party is not much better, they are just less open about it.

My other hope relates to the “take back America” crowd and the dominionist cults. (NAR / IHOP, 2) I hope this election opens the eyes of these people to see that America is not a Christian nation, and that there is no Christian ideal to take the nation “back” to. America has a bloody history and is bloodier now than it was in the past. Maybe this election will lead people to realize that the Kingdom of God isn’t an earthly kingdom and doesn’t spread by worldly means. America compares more to Babylon than it does to Israel in the Old Testament, Christians don’t have a national identity, the Kingdom we are of is not of this world, and we are just sojourners passing through.

While I’m not in favor of a second term of President Obama, I do see some good that may come of it. (Not that I was really all that in favor of Romney for that matter.) Unfortunately, I also see that unless the Lord intervenes abortion will continue unabated (55 million as of January), gay marriage will continue to spread, and now it seems marijuana is on a path towards legalization. It might bring us some persecution as well.

I’d like to hear other’s thoughts on what the consequences of Obama’s re-election will be.

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