Pastor Voddie Baucham wrote an interesting blog post about why he voted for Dr. Ron Paul in 2008 and why he intends to vote for him again.

Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs blog wrote a scathing article on the “Word of Faith” false doctrine that has become epidemic in the church.

A video by Jefferson Bethke went viral and started some controversy in the process: Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus.

He later apologized for misunderstanding due to his misuse of the word religion and had a good chat with Kevin DeYoung, one of the leaders in the Young Restless and Reformed movement.

The Pope doesn’t think that Protestants are proper Christians. This reconfirms something we’ve known of Catholic beliefs since before the Council of Trent, but it apparently shocked some people.

Ed Young Jr, in a very Absolom-esque attempt to promote his book about sex, burnt his corneas while doing a “bed-in” with his wife on the church roof. (At time of writing The Christian Post website was down, link should work once they get things worked out, I hope.)

John Piper gave an excellent lecture to a group of young men where he discussed Augustine’s Confessions and what Augustine has to say to a sex addicted culture.

I’m still looking for a better title for these posts. If you have a suggestion for a title, or for a link you think I would like to see, please let me know.