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JCPenney is under pressure now from “One Million Moms,” a Christian group of women, who are angry about a lesbian woman being the new spokesperson.

Actually, I take that back, they were, but One Million Moms backed down after JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson said he wasn’t going to back down. However, JCPenney has a new ad, with a male couple and their adopted children in it, and this one is bringing about similar outrage.

If we as Christians are to be about sharing the Gospel, what does this boycott do for us? Does it make sharing the Gospel with a lost and hurting world easier? Do you think Ron Johnson will suddenly want to hear the Gospel after having to deal with pressures from yet another Christian boycott? Will Ellen suddenly become straight because she knows a million mothers don’t want her to be the spokesperson for JCPenney? This episode of her show doesn’t make that seem all too promising.

By focusing on these issues we are distracting ourselves from proclaiming the Gospel, and pushing away the very people who need to hear the Gospel proclaimed. If you must boycott, at least do it for their human rights violations rather than over this.

JCP stock was down 3.96% as of close of business today (6/5/12), similar brand stocks had much smaller losses, and even one with a big gain today. The Closet Calvinist does not own any JCP stock, and does not intend to within the next 30 days.