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The Bible is the best book ever written. I’m sure that is due to the fact that it was written by God, through human hands. Because it is the best book ever written, I try to read it every year, and think others would benefit by doing so as well. Wanting a little variety and preferring not to read the Gospels back to back, I came up with a Bible reading plan that is loosely based on how I read this year.

I read the Apocrypha every year as well. Though it is not Scripture, there is much gain in reading them, if one is secure in the faith and would not be misled by some of the teachings. I include the Apocryphal books that other Christian groups consider canon, and a couple that are an appendix for them.

At the bottom of the post you will find a link to a Google Document spreadsheet with the bible reading plan. The Bible Reading Plan I wrote covers 316 days, that leaves 49 days to catch up if you miss a day here and there, or once a week. The reading plan that includes the Apocrypha isn’t as luxurious with the spare days, but still includes an extra 8 days that are not accounted for, if one should fall behind.

For both plans, Old Testament books are read at four chapters per day and New Testament books at three chapters a day. Apocrypha books are four chapters per day. There are a couple small adjustments for books that are five chapters and such.

Of course, a Bible Reading Plan is far from being necessary to read the Bible, but I do personally find them useful, and I know that many others do as well. It is my hope that having this plan, or at least reading this post, will encourage others to make regular reading of the Bible into a committed daily habit.

Closet Calvinist’s Bible Reading Plan

On 3/2/13 I was informed that I had included 4th Maccabees twice on the reading plan that includes the Apocrypha. Removing the latter instance allows for 8 extra days.