The reason I started this blog was so I had a place to share my thoughts without outright opposing my church in theology, methodology, and without calling out the pastors who failed to proclaim the Gospel in their sermons. There must be a fine line between divisive and biblical. Not being sure where that line is, I didn’t really want to cross it.The reason I stayed, rather than departing right away was because I was in a position with responsibility and some leadership, that is, teaching Sunday school to around a dozen youth who may not otherwise hear the Gospel proclaimed. As I stated in the last post, things have changed, and opportunity to depart has arrived.Today I told the students in the Sunday school class that it would be my last day teaching, and that when Sunday school resumes in January they would be under different teachers. It wasn’t as hard as I had expected it to be, and having it over with is definitely a relief. I did, of course, take the opportunity to do everything I could to get the simple message of the Gospel across to the students. We started in Acts chapters 2 and 3 (as we had been in Acts for the last month), and from there I jumped to John 3, followed by Ephesians 2. The clearest and simplest Gospel passages that I could think of to repeatedly state that it is by God’s grace that we are saved, and that we must repent from sin and trust in the Savior.As far as the blog goes, I no longer have a need for this to be so secretive. Though, I kind of like having a semi-anonymous blog, and I love the name. So, I do plan to stick with it, and hopefully post more often.

Now that the Exodus is complete, I hope to not have 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. Instead, I have a friend who is a reformed believing pastor at a local church that I hope will be a good fit for me and that I will be a good fit for them. Prayer is appreciated.

Last thought, I was hoping to somehow name this post Leviticus, given that the other personal posts have had Genesis and Exodus in their names. But, I have no idea how to use Leviticus in a blog title. :)