For a few years now I’ve known that I was different. Well, I’ve known I was different for a long time, but different from the others at my church anyway. But, you can see more on that in my first post here.

The youth pastor at my church announced a couple of weeks ago that he would be leaving for an associate pastor position at a church in the next city over. He was the only person on the church staff that seems to have a firm grasp on what the Gospel is and the need to proclaim it from the pulpit.

Along with this, starting next month the church is cutting back from three services to two, something that has long been needed. Previously we had two hours of Sunday school, I taught the second hour and the youth pastor would teach the other. With the new schedule there would be only one Sunday school hour. When I heard this I thought that may be my chance to leave, since I didn’t want to leave handing over a burden to the church. But, with the youth pastor leaving that wouldn’t be the case, as it seemed like I would be teaching the new combined class.

Today I talked to the departing youth pastor, and he informed me that the church has decided that in the future they would prefer a member of the church faculty be the one to teach the Sunday school classes when youth are involved. Not being part of the faculty, that means it won’t be me.

I’ve prayed about how and when to leave for a few years, but my responsibility to serving the youth has been the one thing holding me back the whole time. As of next Sunday that is no longer an issue. So, now I am free to leave to seek greener pastures and a church that proudly proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is relieving to finally have this happening, but it is also very difficult knowing that I will have to say goodbye to the youth I have had the opportunity to get to know and to teach. Also, the worst of it is, the one who will be replacing me doesn’t teach the Gospel.

I ask for prayer for the youth, that they will remember what I have taught them and that the Holy Spirit would do a work in them to regenerate their hearts and lead them to saving faith. That all would be at peace, myself included, in my departure from this church. Also, that I would find a good church to worship and serve in.

To God Be the Glory.