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Dr Albert Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, answers a  question about what concerns a person in college ministry should have with their students listening to Pastor Mark Driscoll? [display_podcast]

Eric Ludy* gives a pretty good, and dramatic, Gospel presentation, in this YouTube video.

Sometimes that voice in your head may not be the Holy Spirit. While Jesus did say it is better to gouge out one’s own eyes than to look at a woman with lust, I don’t think he expected us to literally do just that. This man heard a voice in his head telling him to take Jesus command literally, and did so.

A woman who strangled and killed her newborn baby has been released and will face no jail time thanks to a judge who cited support for legalized abortion in Canada, where abortions are legal and paid for at taxpayer expense. 

* I’m not familar with Eric Ludy beyond this video. The video seems Arminian and may have some related issues, but overall he did a good job.

I really didn’t know what to title this post, but I think I would like to regularly put up a post with short snippets and links to full articles, I’m open to suggestions.