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Again, not really sure what to title this. But, these are some things I came across in the last couple weeks that I thought were worth sharing.

Ten Reasons Why the New NIV is bad for women – Is gender inclusivity a bad thing? Chrome doesn’t think it is a word, so it must be! Anyway, Girls Gone Wise had a good take on the issue.

Robert Jeffress on Bill Maher – The pastor who made the controversial statement that Mormonism is a cult appeared on Bill Maher’s show. Maher isn’t usually too fond of theists, Christians in particular, so it is surprising that he even got a chance to speak. Jeffress was able to express that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone much to Maher’s chagrin.

Where Child Sacrifice is a Business – Child sacrifice in pagan witch doctor practice got some exposure recently. It seems that some believe sacrificing a child can improve the economy, bring blessings upon a business, or even restore health. Despite this being in Africa, it doesn’t seem much different than the Western culture.

How I wish the Homosexuality Debate Would Go – Trevin Wax did an amazing job with this short post. If people would approach the homosexuality debate like this we would gain some ground and considerable understanding.

Planned Parenthood is Racist – Herman Cain spoke out against Planned Parenthood, saying he would defund them. He said that they are a racist organization that preys on black people, and he traced this back to their founder, Margaret Sanger. Many of us have believed this for a long time, but it is so rare to see a politician saying it.