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I, for one, found this video to be absolutely hilarious. You probably won’t. But, that is okay, so long as you don’t interpret the bible the way the woman on the left does.

It seems all to common that people come with a preconceived notion of who Jesus is and they aren’t willing to learn from what the bible says about Him. Some of them even go on to write books explaining their view with “questions” that are meant to provoke readers to adopt the same views. Why is it that most of the time these people choose a false Jesus who has no wrath or hatred for sin? Maybe it is because they don’t want there to be consequences for sin.

The real, biblical, Jesus hates sin and will return to punish sinners. Thankfully, He first came to set those who would believe free from their sin by dying in their place. Rather than believing God has no wrath, repent and trust in Christ whom He has sent to take your place.