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George Clinkscale, died due to illegal church boxing match

George Clinkscale

Guts Church (yes, that is its real name) in Tulsa Oklahoma had a boxing match today, Guts Fight Night, for the sixth time. Well, tonight things didn’t go so well.

This seemingly seeker focused church thought a boxing match would attract people to the church. And, what attracts men more than a boxing match? I guess giving them a car might, but that is for other churches.

Unfortunately, this church didn’t do things properly. They didn’t get the properly trained referees and medical personnel that are required for a boxing match. And, because of this, one of the boxers died. George Clinkscale died because of this.

Sadly, it will take a death to end this illegal activity. Unfortunately, other churches are still doing things that are almost as stupid.

Churches aren’t to have boxing matches to reach people. Instead, the way the Church is supposed to do outreach is by going to the people and sharing the Gospel with them. People need to be told that Jesus died to pay for their sins, not to be invited to attend church or invited to a boxing match. The Church is made up of believers, the Sunday service is for believers, thought unbelievers are welcome, to equip the saints so they can go preach the Gospel.

It seems the church will be sued by the relevant state agencies and likely by the player’s family. Pastor Bill Scheer may even go to jail over this.

We should pray for the boxer’s family, and the lost people in Guts Church.

Thanks for Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs for tweeting about this.